Meet The Flintstones – Flintstones Theme Song

Can be played on piccolo

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The Flintstones are a well-known family of characters which first came into appearance in the 1960's children's cartoon series. Since then, there are have been films, spin-offs, and merchandise and theme-parks based on the Flintstones :P

I hope you enjoy the letter notes for the theme song!


G - C

^C         A          G - C
Meet the Flintstones

G               F          E-E            F       G      C-D-E
They're the modern Stone Age Family

G           C      ^C    A      G - C
From the town of Bedrock

G             F       E       E      F     G    C-D-C
They're a page right out of history


B          E
Let's ride

^C         B      B-A       A       B        A
With the family down the street

A                 D
Through the

B-A-A        G        G        A     G
Courtesy of Fred's two feet


G               C
When you're

^C         A         G - C
With the Flintstones

G        F     E-E       F-G       C       D
Have a yabba-dabba-doo time

E      F-G      C      D
A dabba-doo time

E            F    G  ^C   ^D   ^C
We'll have a gay old time!


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