It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Originally recorded in 1965 by Tom Jones, "It's Not Unusual" is one of Tom Jones' most well-known tracks and the music notes below make for a really fun piece for beginners on any instrument to practice with. Enjoy!


C     F    G-A-Bb-^C
It's not unusual

Bb   A     G      C    C-C-C
To be loved by anyone

C      F    G-A-Bb-^C
It's not unusual

Bb     A      G      F      G-A-G
To have fun with anyone


E       ^C    Bb  A    G
But when I see you

F   -  E         F - G     G     G-A-G
Hanging about with anyone

C     G     A-Bb-^C-A-G
It's not unusual   ~

G     A    A    G-F
To see me cry!

C   D-C    C
I wanna die...


A     Bb-^C    Bb     A    A-G
No matter what you say

C            E    G    Bb-Bb    A   G    A-G-A-G
You'll find it happens all the time ~

A         Bb    A-G    F    Bb     ^C     Bb   A  G
Love will never do what you want it to

C           E       G   Bb-Bb   A    Bb   ^C-^D-^C
Why can't this crazy love be mine?

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