Three Blind Mice – Traditional

Can be played on piccolo

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A simple children's nursery rhyme - great practice for beginners on any instrument (or of any age!) Happy practice :)


F#            E         D
Three blind mice

F#           E         D
Three blind mice

A        G       G      F#
See how they run

A        G       G      F#
See how they run


A   ^D  ^D  ^C#-B
They all ran after

^C#   ^D-A     A
The farmer's wife

A       ^D   ^D   ^D  ^C#
Who cut off their tails

B     ^C#   ^D-A    A
With a carving knife,

A     A  ^D-^D  ^C#  B
Did you ever see such

^C# ^D   A   A    A
A sight in your life,

G       F#        E       D
As three blind mice?


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