I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" makes a great practice piece for beginners on any instrument. Enjoy the music notes below, letters starting with a caret (^) are in the higher octave :)


D               G       G-G    G      A
Clock strikes upon the hour

B         B      C     B-C   ^E    A
And the sun begins to fade

D               G      G-A       G
There's still enough time

G      A-G     A
To figure out

B        B       C      B      C     ^E-A
How to chase my blues away


^F     ^F    ^F-F-E  ^E ^D ^D
I've done alright up to now

G      G    ^E   ^E  ^G
It's the light of day

^E        ^F   ^E-C ^D-C-A
That shows me how  ~

G         ^F     ^F    ^E    ^D
And when the night falls,

^E   ^D-D-E       C
My loneliness calls


^E ^E  ^E-E    ^E       C      C-C-^D
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

^E ^E-E  ^E  ^E  ^G     C      C-C-^D
I wanna feel the heat with somebody

^E    ^E  ^E-E     ^E       C      C-C-^D
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody

C          C-C-^D      ^E    ^D     C
With somebody who loves me

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