Amazing grace – Traditional

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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A well-known and loved tune over the generations, Amazing Grace makes a great tune for beginners to practice on any instrument.

This rendition of 'Amazing Grace' is a bit easier as it's in C Major, so no sharps or flats to worry about though you can shift the key around to make it a bit more challenging if you choose. Happy practice :)


D - G - B   G-B
Amazing grace

A          G          E       D
How sweet the sound

D         G     B-G      B      A    ^D
That saved a wretch like me...


B   ^D    B     G
I once was lost

E        G      E       D
But now I'm found,

D         G       B-G    B   A  G
Was blind, but now I see...


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