We are the Champions – Queen

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Queen's iconic hit "We are the Champions" is known all over the world and is retaliatory slow and simple, which makes it a great practice piece for beginners. The letter notes to the song can be used by beginners on most instruments - adjust the key up / down accordingly :)


E         G      A      A
I've paid my dues

E         G - B     A
Time after time

E         G       A       A - A
I've done my sentence

E         E - B - A      G      A
But committed no crime....


G         B     ^C-^C
And bad mistakes

G       B    ^C   ^C
I've made a few...

G       B     ^C   ^C   ^C   ^D
I've had my share of sand

^D      ^D   ^E   ^E
Kicked in my face....

^E    ^F#    ^F#     ^G
But I've come through!


^D  ^C#   ^D   ^C#-A
We are the champions,

F#     B - F#
My friends

A     ^D    ^E   ^F#   ^A-^F#
And we'll keep on fighting

B    ^C#    B
'Til the end...


B       A      B        A - G
We are the champions....

^G   ^F#   ^G   ^F#-^E
We are the champions!

^F#  ^D   ^G   ^F#-^D
No  time  for  losers

^F#      ^F   ^D   ^F#    ^F-^D
'Cause we are the champions

^D    B   ^D
Of the world...!


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