It Feels So Good – Sonique

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Managed to work out the notes for the chorus at least, hopefully i can work out the verses another time. A nice easy tune to play on flute or piccolo :)


    E            E      F# G      B     A          
(Your love, it feels so good)  

F#    F#        F#      F#    EF#  A-G-D-E
And that's what takes me   high  ~

      B - B       A      G      G       A - A      
(Higher than I've been before)

F#      F#    E    F#       E   F#-A-G
Your love, it keeps me alive

       B           A    G         G    A        A         
(Thought I should let you know)

F#    F#       F#     F#  F#        A  BGG
That your touch it means so much

  B         A    G - G  A    A       
(When I'm alone at night)

A ^D ^D    B      B-A        A - G    G-A-B
It   is   you I'm always thinking of   ~

B      B     A-G
Oh, oh, baby

E      E  - E    G         E     ED
You always make me smile when I'm feeling downE      E     E    G       E EG    A   AGA     AGBE
You give me such a vibe, it's totally bonafideE     E    E    G      E     E
It's not the way you walk and it ain't the way you talkEEEGEEG  BAGAGB
It ain't the job you got that keeps me satisfied

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