A Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Written in the 30's and first recorded by Louis Armstrong in the 50's, "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" has also been notably performed by Rod Stewart, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee and Richard Chamberlain as well at featured in films over the years.

The letter notes are relatively easy and as a slower song, will be great for beginners :)


^C     G
Give me

A     B  ^C    B    A     ^C    G
A kiss to build a dream on

A       B   ^C-B-A-G-D
And my imagination

E            F         G-F     E     G
Will thrive upon that kiss

G  -  D             E     F    G      F         E      G
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this

E      F    E      G    E     D     C-E-C
A kiss to build a dream on....

^C     G
Give me

A    B       ^C-B    A     ^C     G
A kiss before you leave me

A        B    ^C-B-A-G-D
And my imagination

E           F     G        F-E        G
Will feed my hungry heart

G          D
Leave me

E            F          G-F     E     G
One thing before we part

E      F    E       G    E      D     C
A kiss to build a dream on...


D           E     G-^C   ^D   ^D   Bb-Bb
When I'm alone with my fancies

G#  Bb  Bb   G
I'll be with you

F  -  F         G-D#-D#
Weaving romances,

D - D          D-E         E           G
Making believe they're true...


^C   ^C    G
Oh, give me

A        B   ^C     B   A    ^C-G
Your lips for just a moment

A       B   ^C-B-A-G-D
And my imagination

E            F        G        F - E        G
Will make that moment live

G         D
Give me

E             F       G-F     E    G
What you alone can give

E     F    E      G    E      D      C
A kiss to build a dream on!


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