Whistle While You Work – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney)

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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This catchy melody from Snow White is one everyone will recognise! It's really easy and fun to play - happy practice :)


G          G-F         E         F      G
Just whistle while you work

~ Whistle ~

G         G-F-E         D-G-F      E
And cheerfully together we

D       G-F   E    D     G
Can tidy up the place!


G  A-G   F    E-F     G
So hum a merry tune

~ Whistle ~

D      G        F       E
It won't take long

D               G       F     E
When there's a song

D      G      F       E     D     C
To help you set the pace!


C     ^C   Bb       A     Bb    ^C
And as you sweep the room

C-^C-Bb    A    Bb    ^C
Imagine that the broom

C    ^C-Bb        A    Bb   ^C
Is someone that you love

^C      Bb     G#      G
And soon you'll find

G#          G-G#    G    G#   G
You're dancing to the tune!


^C          ^C      Bb     A
When hearts are high

^C    ^C    Bb   A   G
The time will fly so

^C  -Bb      A         G      F
Whistle while you work!


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