Tale as Old as Time – Beauty and Beast (Disney)

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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The key piece from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", "Tale as Old as Time" is deceptively low and quite tricky to play, so makes a great practice piece for intermediates.

On the flute / piccolo / recorder, I found it most comfortable to play this shifted up +7 semitones, so the note range is D-^G :)


.G     .Bb   D  D#   .G#
Tale as old as time

.G    .Bb D D#   F
True as it can be

D#-F    G -G#    Bb
Barely even friends

Bb         G#-G-F       D#
Then somebody bends



.G   .Bb  D-D#   G#
Just a little change

.G       .Bb    D    D#    F
Small, to say the least

G       F   G-Bb     D#
Both a little scared

D#-D       D#      G - C
Neither one prepared

G-G#       F       G     D#
Beauty and the Beast...


D#-F    G    G#   Bb
Ever just the same

D#-F  G  ^C-Bb
Ever a surprise

D#-F G G#-Bb
Ever as before

Bb-G#  G  F   D#
Ever just as sure

D#  F     G    D#    F
As the sun will rise...


.A      C    E    F    .Bb
Tale as old as time

.A        C    E     F    G
Tune as old as song

F - G - A           Bb      ^C
Bittersweet and strange

^C - Bb    A     G         F
Finding you can change

Bb - A          G       F           C
Learning you were wrong...


.A - C        E   F    .Bb
Certain as the sun

.A - C    E    F     G
Rising in the east

A       G   A   ^C    F
Tale as old as time

F          E      F    A      D
Song as old as rhyme

A - Bb      G     A       F
Beauty and the beast...

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