Gaston – Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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The letter notes below for Gaston's song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast are perfect for beginners - it's a nice simple tune with a relatively small note range, so it's great for most people on most instruments :)

It sounds great on flute and piano, let me know how you get on!


A         A     A-A         B  ^C    B   F#    F#-F#
Gosh, it disturbs me to see you Gaston

B - B        B        B    ^C    B       E
Looking so down in the dumps

A - A      A        A       B    ^C   B    F#    F#-F#
Every guy here'd love to be you, Gaston

B-B        B        B-^C      B       A
Even when taking your lumps


G           ^C    ^C   ^C    ^C
There's no man in town's

^D  ^E-^D-A  A  A
As admired as you

A     ^D-^D-^D    ^D-^E-^D    G
You're everyone's favorite guy

^C-^C-^C     ^C    ^D    ^E-^D-A   A   A
Everyone's awed and inspired by you

B   ^C   ^D   A-B   ^C  ^D  ^E  ^D-^E-^D
And it's not very hard to see why   ~   ~


G       G#      A     E      E-E
No one's slick as Gaston

A      A          A      .B     .B-.B
No one's quick as Gaston

D         E         F
No one's neck's

G    A-B-^C-^D  ^D  ^C   B-^C
As incredibly thick as Gaston's

B        ^C        ^D   ^C   B   ^C    B    A   ^C-F
For there's no man in town half as manly

^C - F    ^C    B     F-B-A-B-A
Perfect! A pure paragon   ~

G      G#    A    G-E     A      G      E     A-C
You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley

C           D        D#      D      C       D#
And they'll tell you whose team

D            C-D#    D   C   G
They'd prefer to be on!


G      G#       A        E        E-E
No one's been like Gaston

G    G#    A    .B    .B-.B
A king pin like Gaston

D       E       F    G     A
No one's got a swell

B      ^C  ^D  ^D   ^C    B-^C
Cleft in his chin like Gaston!

B  ^C  ^D-^C-B  ^C
As a specimen, yes,

B   ^C-^E-^D-G#-A
I'm intimidating!

^C    G    F#   F      ^D     B-^C
My what a guy, that Gaston!


G          G         G-G
Give five "hurrahs!"

G           G#         G#-G#
Give twelve "hip-hips!"

G#-A      A   A    Bb
Gaston is the best

Bb    Bb   B   ^C  ^C#  ^D
And the rest is all drips!


G      G#      A      E         E-E
No one fights like Gaston

G - G#        A       .B      .B-.B
Douses lights like Gaston

D   E      E-F-G       A
In a wrestling match

B-^C-^D   ^D   ^C     B-^C
Nobody bites like Gaston!


B      ^C     ^D    ^C
For there's no one

B    ^C-B     A     ^C-E
As burly and brawny

^C   ^C  ^C  F   ^C      B - F    B   A-B-A
As you see I've got biceps to spare  ~

G   G#   A   G    E      A - G       E     A - C
Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny

D     D#-D    C     D#    D    C
And every last inch of me's

D# - D        C      G
Covered with hair!


G      G#    A      E      E-E
No one hits like Gaston

G - G#        A      .B      .B-.B
Matches wits like Gaston

D   E     F-G        A
In a spitting match

B-^C-^D   ^D   ^C    B-^C
Nobody spits like Gaston!


B   ^C-^D-^C-B  ^C
I'm especially good

B   ^C-^E-^D-G#-A
At expectorating...


F#       F      ^D       B-^C
Ten points for Gaston!


E         E    E    E    E
When I was a lad,

G#  B    A     E-E      E
I ate four dozen eggs

C-C        D - D      D    D     F#    A     G
Every morning to help me get large

G         G       G      G       G
And now that I'm grown,

B  ^D  ^C    A-A    A
I eat five dozen eggs

A     B    ^C-A       B     ^C   A  ^C  ^D
So I'm roughly the size of a barge!


G      G#       A        E         E-E
No one shoots like Gaston

G               G#         A       .B       .B-.B
Makes those beauts like Gaston

D            E           F-G           A-B
Then goes tromping around

^C-^D          ^D    ^C    B-^C
Wearing boots like Gaston

B  ^C ^D-^C B ^C
I use antlers in all

B  ^C  ^E-^D-G#-A
Of my decorating!

^C      G    G     G     G-^C
My what a guy, Gaston!


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