Once upon a December – Anastasia / Deana Carter

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Released for the 1997 animated film "Anastasia" (a Fox Animation production, not Disney!) and is sung by Liz Callaway in the movie. There's also a Russian version of this song with the same melody, just a short google away  if you're interested :P


B  -  C      B         D^ -  C    A          C        A   B - G   E - A - B
Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember

B      C   B       B  -  E^     A        C        A-B  G  E-F#-G-E
And a song someone sings "Once upon a December"


D^ -  C        D^      C     C     B      B
Someone holds me safe and warm

C  -  B     B           D^        C  C - B   B
Horses prance through a silver storm

D^- C     D^ - C     C-B-B        G - F#  G   F#-G-B
Figures dancing gracefully across my memory


B    C - B    D^   C-A
Far away, long ago

C  -  A     B      G   E   A - B
Glowing dim as an ember

B           C     B        B       E^  A
Things my heart used to know

C         A-B  G  E-F#-G-E
Once upon a December

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