Carol of the Bells – Traditional

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Originally based off a traditional Ukrainian folk song, 'Carol of the Bells' was re-imagined in the early 1900's and is now one of the most iconic Christmas tune. A great beginner piece as the notes are simple and repetitive, which makes for a great opportunity to practice rhythm an timings.

Did you know? Low notes are marked with a dot (.) and high notes with a caret (^).


Bb         A     Bb     G
Hark how the bells,

Bb         A-Bb    G
Sweet silver bells,

Bb     A     Bb   G
All seem to say,

Bb            A     Bb-G
Throw cares away


Bb - A          Bb   G
Christmas is here,

Bb - A         Bb       G
Bringing good cheer,

Bb      A       Bb     G
To young and old,

Bb          A    Bb    G
Meek and the bold.


Bb          A       Bb      G
Ding dong ding dong

Bb      A     Bb     G
That is their song

Bb       A-Bb     G
With joyful ring

Bb   A-Bb-G
All caroling.


Bb          A     Bb   G
One seems to hear

Bb           A    Bb      G
Words of good cheer

Bb         A - Bb - G
From everywhere

Bb - A    Bb   G
Filling the air.


^D    ^C     ^D      Bb
Oh how they pound,

^D - ^C    ^D      Bb
Raising the sound,

^D     ^C    ^D     Bb
O'er hill and dale,

^D - ^C   ^D     Bb
Telling their tale.


^G-^G  ^G ^F-^D#
Gaily they ring

^D      ^D-D   ^C-Bb
While people sing

^C       ^C   ^C     ^D-^C
Songs of good cheer,

G  -  G          G    G
Christmas is here...


D-E       F#-G     A-Bb
Merry, Merry, Merry,

^C-^D      ^C-Bb
Merry Christmas,

D-E      F#-G       A-Bb
Merry, Merry, Merry,

^C-^D       ^C-Bb
Merry Christmas!

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