Rock-a-bye Baby – Traditional

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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A traditional children's lullaby and nursery rhyme, "Rock-a-bye Baby" will be a familiar melody to most and makes a perfect beginner's practice piece.  You can shift the notes up or down to make it easy or more challenging to play, or to fit within the note range you have available on your chosen instrument.


E - G - ^E    ^D-^C
Rock-a-bye baby

E       G    ^C     B
On the tree top

F              G     ^F       ^E
When the wind blows

^D   ^D-^C   A     G
The cradle will rock!


E              G      ^E         ^D
When the bough breaks

^C     E-G    ^C     B
The cradle will fall

G           ^C     ^F    ^E-^C
Down will come baby,

^D-A      B   ^C
Cradle and all!

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