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    Perhaps something from Les Misérables? Maybe Bring Him Home, On My Own or Empty Chairs at Empty Tables? Thanks! X

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    Hey Ellie, thanks very much for your timely suggestion!

    Strangely enough, I’d not seen any of Les Mis before until yesterday evening when I started watching the movie on the way home from work! I’m only 30mins or so in, but can already see some bits that’d be great fun to try and work out 🙂

    I know the song “I Dreamed a Dream” is from this so was expecting to do that, now I know there’s interest in others, I’ll put more on the to-do list!

    Until then, there are more Phantom songs lined up, plus I’m hoping to do some from Wicked as well so do check back!

    Thanks again and happy practice 🙂

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    Oh wow that was a film-and-a-half!!

    Ok so there’s gonna be some Les Mis lined up, I’m currently working on “I Dreamed a Dream” (classic), “A Little Fall of Rain” (my fave!) and “On My Own” (lovely), adding more as and when I can – you can expect these in the next few weeks 🙂

    Thanks again for your suggestion Ellie, spookily-well timed!

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    Oh my goodness thank you! Yes Little Fall of Rain is my fave too! It’s an incredible film, seen the show twice too and almost puts the film to shame! You’re more than welcome!!

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    Hey Ellie, just a quick update – I’ve done 4 Les Mis songs 😀

    On My Own – https://noobnotes.net/on-my-own-les-miserables/
    A Little Fall of Rain – https://noobnotes.net/little-fall-rain-les-miserables/
    Castle on a Cloud – https://noobnotes.net/castle-cloud-les-miserables/
    I Dreamed a Dream – https://noobnotes.net/dreamed-dream-les-miserables/

    It seems they’re popular so i’ll enjoy doing more over time! I hope you don’t mind me marking your request as ‘done’ for now, and you enjoy the ones ive done so far 🙂 🙂

    Thanks again for the suggestion, these songs have become real faves of mine!

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    Hey Ellie, i’ve been adding more Les Mis songs! Here are another 4 to add to the list 🙂

    Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – https://noobnotes.net/empty-chairs-at-empty-tables-les-miserables/
    Do You Hear The People Sing? – https://noobnotes.net/do-you-hear-the-people-sing-les-miserables/
    Stars – https://noobnotes.net/stars-les-miserables/
    Who am I? – https://noobnotes.net/who-am-i-les-miserables/

    Hope you enjoy! nat

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