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    Have you played the piano on the song pages?!
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    i just think it’d be easier if each not corresponded with each letter and like maybe holding down 3 or 4 while playing another note makes it sharp/flat

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    so when it says “hello, welcome home” it sounds more like the song when you do g,f#,f#,f#,e,g because it sounds weird when you play it the way it was written by you

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    I think its useful! I don’t use it for piano but I do use it for helping me lay out the starting notes for the harp! Keep up the great work! x

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    can you try to do “in too deep” by Why Don’t We?

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    No I play it on my flute

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      I play it on my viola and it sounds a little off

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    Anita Peters

    For some reason the piano thing doesn’t work on my computer or phone. I unmuted it on both of my devices with the little sound button and turned my volume all the way up. Anybody else have this issue?

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    Yes, and it works on my phone. But I wish there was a way to lock it so I could scroll and still use it.

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    I play melodica on the song pages. Queen songs mostly.

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    The trouble with trying to play the song on the piano at the top of the webpage, is that when I scroll down to see the rest of the notes, the piano scrolls off of the top of the screen. If you could keep the piano stationary, while scrolling the rest of the song, I could continue to play the piano. Thanks for listening!

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    I don’t know if my computer is broken or anything but it shows that the last song ever updated is 12 days of christmas. It appears nat has gone offline for months.

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    It would be nice if there is LA Vie en rose

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    I tried to but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s my iPad but…

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    I don’t play piano so no. I play flute.

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    Please do the songs from frozen 2

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    Yes frozen 2

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    The piano doesn’t work for me. I doest matter though, I can test it on my oboe. I play oboe. It would be really nice to fix this bug.

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    Can you do the Office Theme song?

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    Hi how do we know what is the original notes are to songs like dirty Diana by Michael Jackson there so many different notes you can play it ? When u put up songs are they the original notes that we first see then we can change them thanks

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    i dont want the piano music and it is wasting space in flute music

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    This site is really cool though, i think i’ll be missing the part of my left hand.
    Most of the songs, i played now is with the right hand alone.

    I would love to play it with both hands, could you give the notes as well for that.
    Thank you.

    Great! Big Thanks!


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    this was shit nat YOU NEED TO WORK

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    there needs to be a play button where it does it for you

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    uh nice but i would like IF YOU COULD GO BACK ON!!!! what happenend eh? Not working? look come on. just add some new songs. like some by Melanie Martinez

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      I know right like she isnt even responding LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN!

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        Hi everyone! Who else plays ukulele? And what brand did you buy?


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    No need to be swearing and acting all tough okay? you need to calm down Nat isnt in the mood to work so myabe she isnt working or she is sick or something. you cant always be swearing dude

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    Maybe a way that users can also post their own notes to songs?

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    Hello Buttshit, Nat here.

    Firstly, I wanted to say that YOU’RE WELCOME for the 500+ songs i’ve written here, for the countless ours of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javacscript coding i’ve done for you, for the money i’ve invested into domains, hosting, certificates, firewalls and other bits of software to make this site possible – all at no cost to you at all!

    I will NOT be adding any more songs to this website. If you want to share notes with each other, feel free to post them on my forum or email each others. I have a full time job, a life, this was only ever hobby to share my work with you. I am not a musician. Once again, YOU’RE WELCOME!!! πŸ˜€

    To all my other wonderful and respectful visitors – you are why i keep the site alive. I see you returning here again and again to play the same songs, keep learning and playing πŸ™‚ I will keep the site live as long as I can.

    ps. I hate Melanie Martinez music, go work out the notes yourself πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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    No because I play fluteπŸ˜€

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    Why do you hate Melanie? Also, I think you should add something that censors cuss words and other rude content. Thanks.

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    And Buttshit? Just cuz you’re 21 and living in your mom’s basement does not give you permission to cuss on a site that kids could be on.

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    Dear Ash,

    Nothing personal against any musician, it’s just not what I like to listen to.

    I addressed the previous post as such, as that was the name left by the poster I was responding to.

    I’m not 21 (but thanks for the complement) and also happy to confirm that I do not live in my mother’s basement πŸ™‚

    Regarding swearing, I agree it’s preferable to not have it here due to younger members, however some of the songs include swear words and I can’t moderate all the posts.

    Hope you enjoy noobnotes anyway.

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    im not living in my mom’s basement ya know.and nat i see u responded. well i mean the site is getting a little boring and also my name is not buttshit my sister changed it to it and didn’t/know how to chnage it. im sorry if my sister cause trouble. this was not toaffect anyone.

    – P.S my name is Madeline. I understand you dont like Melanie Martinez. y sister is a biggggggg Fan of her

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    Well, when it asks for your name, you can just put in your original name instead of the one your sister put in. Also, sorry.

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