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    What type of instrument do you play?!


    I’m really interest to see the variety of instruments these notes are used for πŸ™‚ I’ve been contemplating trying a new instrument recently too, perhaps this could give me some ideas!

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    Hey everyone! So i’ve been playing with adding polls – i hope this will give me more opportunity to interact with you all and get an understanding of what everyone plays etc πŸ™‚

    I mainly play the flute, but also test out the notes i write on a piano app πŸ™‚

    I’ve been thinking more and more about trying something new… would love to hear what everyone else plays and enjoys!


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      Hi! I heard you were trying out different instruments. I play a melodica and it’s a great way to start out if you want to play the piano eventually. Good Luck!

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    I’m thinking about playing the kalimba, but at the moment I play piano, saxophone and partially ukelele.

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    FLUTE!!!!! and Piccilo

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    HEY. IM PLAYING KALIMBA. im having a hard time making sharps ang flats. I dont know the “formula” on how to generate a flat or sharp sound wothout changing the tuning of the instrument. Any idea how?

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      Hey Jem! I’ve had similar questions from other Kalimba players – here’s the answer!

      The kalimba can’t play sharps or flats without messing up the tuning (as you mentioned) therefore the best songs for you are ones in the key of C Major (natural notes only, no sharps or flats).

      Most, about 90%, of the songs on noobnotes can be shifted to the key of C to allow you to play them on the kalimba – pick a song you like and check out the green ‘note settings’ section at the top of the page. If the key is “C Major”, this one should be good for you to play. If its not, there may be a button that says “Move to C Major” – give that a click and see how the notes are now πŸ™‚

      I’ve made a list of all the songs on noobnotes with either are already in C Major, or can be moved into C Major by pressing that “Move to C Major” button – you can see that list here: https://noobnotes.net/browse/browse-songs-in-c-major/

      I hope that helps for now – i’m thinking of other ways i can make it easier for Kalimba players (an others who can’t play sharps/flats) to find the right songs for them πŸ™‚

      Happy playing! -nat

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    Tanya de Lange

    Hey. I’m playing the recorder!

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      Tanya de Lange

      Eesh I see now there’s woodwind instruments on as well…

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      Me too!

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    I play the clarinet. Can you post more Christmas songs that are easy?

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      Hey Olivia! I’m glad you asked – i’ve done loads of christmas songs and was starting to run out of ideas for more to do – did you have any in mind in particular?! “12 Days of Christmas” is on the to-do list already πŸ˜€ nat

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    I play the button accordian

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    I play the trumpet and the tin whistle ☺️

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    FLUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you add five nights at Freddy’s songs? (I have break my mind in mind!)

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    I play flute and piano and nat, can you help me I suck at tounging!

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    I play piano and kalimba, but I’ve been using this website for my kalimba.

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    I play the oboe!

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    Evan Marshall


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    Jooeun Son

    I play the flute!

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    I play the accordian

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    Olivia Song

    I play the flute! I’ve been thinking of playing the piano again…

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    Van Beahm

    I play the ukulele (not very much, but I still have 3 for some reason) and have taught myself a tiny bit of piano. Anyone know some easier songs to play on the ukulele?

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    are used to play recorder and I am playing flute

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