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    Ellie Bullen

    I was wondering if maybe you could maybe do ‘Stay alive – reprise’ from the broadway musical Hamilton and/or ‘Alexander Hamilton’ from the broadway Hamilton, as you can tell I love Hamilton and I your noobnotes on burn if you could possibly do even one of these (preferably ‘Stay alive – respire’) cause I need it for my music class and just to play for fun I hope you see this and I would like to say your truly amazing at masking all these songs playable for people (such as me)who can master playing piano with chords etc.

    Sincerely Ellie Bullen

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    Nat doesn’t do noob notes any more…

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    Why doesn’t Nat do it anymore?

    Why does Nat not do this anymore

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      This is what Nat said: Upcoming….
      It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that I’ll no longer be adding songs to NoobNotes due to other commitments. The site will remain available for educational and community purposes.

      If you like a song, please show some *love* and react, rate or share it! If you don’t like it, please leave a comment and let me know the problem – user feedback has been so helpful and lets me fix things 🙂

      Stay in contact! Start a chat in the forum to share your own experiences or letter notes, or get stuck in and start browsing 🙂

      Happy playing 🙂

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    Luminox Sierva

    umm i would like to request as many alan walker songs as possible please and thanks

    alone part 1&2 please

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    Abby Joy

    Hey! I’ve noticed you have a lot of British Pop songs, but you have no One Direction. I would absolutely love it if you added just one song. You could even do some of their solo songs, since Harry is so popular right now. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. Much love!

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    Can you please do more Metallica songs. Maybe master of puppets and enter sandman.

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    Please do more Ariana grande

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    Can you possibly do electric love, or heather please! Those are my favorite songs thank you, and God bless!

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      Hi Eileen, I have a website that I usually use with electric love: Fluter Music, then search Electric Love in it

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    Could you please do more bruno mars songs? Maybe could you do talking to the moon first please 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

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    How about the Spiderman theme?

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