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    I wonder what else these letter notes can be used for =)

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    …starting to consider the Saxophone or Steel drums haha 😀

    Didn’t get on with the ocarina! 😛

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    I am learning to playing an EWI-usb and your letter notes have been my first successful recreation of something that sounds musical, ever.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this site.:)

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    Hey John, thanks so much for your kind message!

    I’ve been googling “EWI-usb” since i saw your message come in and found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQuRPyrfTPU …..and wow!!! what a beast! it looks amazing 😀

    How did you hear of such a thing, and how are you finding it?! I’m sensing from your message that it’s been a bit of a bumpy journey, i’m intrigued to know more before i frivolously spend $300 😀

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    im learning to playclassical guitar but i play the tenor saxophone

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    Since I’m bored, I’ll put down which instruments I’ve played and rate which is the best and most enjoyable.

    -Piano/Keyboard, I tried it when I was 8, learned some basic chords and notes, and never learned how to read music. That was a struggle. I didn’t like the piano, even though it sounded alright, and now I look at it – sorry to all piano players – but it’s really overrated. But that’s just my opinion. Overall, a 6/10.

    -Ukelele, my sister played it for a while and I’d decided to give it a go. Her ukelele was the worst sounding thing, the strings were stiff, and I could never play a chord without getting angry. A solid 3/10.

    -Recorder, I was forced to learn it in Year 5, and I got the hang of it and in class was playing way more notes than anyone else was. They didn’t seem bothered about recorder at some points though. In those little presentation assemblies, some kids just played random notes and called it a day. A really good instrument and I would definitely try to pick it up again. 8/10.

    -Alto Saxophone, my current, and most favorite instrument. Since I’ve gotten the hang of it, I try to turn normal songs into jazzy songs, and I hope to be taking my exams soon. A strong 10/10.

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    I play on the piano/keyboard but I mainly major in flute. Your notes r realy great for me to practice

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