The First Noel – Traditional

Difficulty: Medium

Can't be played on piccolo

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A popular Christmas song and a great beginner piece, enjoy the music letter notes below :)


ED   .CD    EFG
The First Noel

AB    C-B       A     G
The Angels did say

A        B    C-B      A
Was to certain poor

G  -  A          B    C        G     F     E
Shepherds in fields as they lay


ED  .CD     EF      G      AB
In fields where they lay

C  -  B        A        G
Keeping their sheep

A    B    C     B - A       GA
On a cold winter's night

B         CG   F   E
That was so deep.


Noel, Noel,

Noel, Noel

C        B    A     GA   B  C-G-F-E
Born is the King of Israel!

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