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    So I’m guessing were all here as we live to play music! Though I’m curious – what other hobbies do you have?! I’m looking for ideas too, need to spebd less time on the computer ???????? nat

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    Mathew Dalton

    Dang! I can only make a couple of hours each week to play music. Lol.
    I race sailboats, both large and small, both offshore and local. I build Muscle cars. I do long distance running and biking. My current project is building a small racing sailboat. I just fabricated a sail for it and am testing that.
    Once a week I play a saxophone. I wish I were better at it. There is a lot of music in my head that I cannot get to the keys, but your Noobnotes helps with that!

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    i enjoy music, i am also good at color guard, origami, roller skating and track ( high jump, and long jump.)

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    I like to do all the olden days stuff lol I like to weave, sew, and I like all the big dresses with the giant hoop they are soooooo pretty. I am a lil to talkative well if you have any questions go to the general and the topic is Hi can we be friends. Lol

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