Money, Money, Money – ABBA

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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Another ABBA classic - what instrument would you play if you had a little money?!

Whether you know the original or the version from the hit musical film and stage show Mamma Mia, I hope you enjoy the letter notes below!


E     E     F       F
I work all night

E    E      F     F
I work all day

E     E      F      F    E    E    A   A-G#
To pay the bills I have to pay...

^D ^D ^D-^C
Ain't it sad....


E          E        F       F - E       E        F    F
And still there never seems to be

E E-F F-E E A A-G#
a single penny left for me

^F ^F ^F-^E
That's too bad...


^E  ^E   ^D  ^C    B    B  ^C-B-A
In my dreams I have a plan  ~

^D ^D ^C ^C ^C B-B ^C-B-A
If I got me a wealthy man ~

A    A - B       B      A     A    B     B
I wouldn't have to work at all

A     A      B - B       A     A   ^C  ^C-B
I'd fool around and have a ball  ~


A - B       ^C - A     B-^C
Money, Money, Money

B         A    B-^C
Must be funny

B   A   ^C   ^C        A
In a rich man's world

A - B        ^C-A       B-^C
Money, Money, Money

B - A      B-^C
Always sunny

B   A  ^C   ^C        A
In a rich man's world...


Ahhhh    ~      ~       ~

G#   G     G#   G    C        F
All the things I could do

^C B A B ^C-A  B-^C
If I had a little money,

B    A   ^C    ^C        A
It's a rich man's world....


^E ^E ^E ^E ^E
^D# ^D# ^D# ^D# ^D# ^D#

^C  A   ^C   ^C        A
It's a rich man's world!

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