Fernando – ABBA

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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An ABBA classic, Fernando was released in 1980 as it one of a handful of singles to have sold more than 10 million copies around the the world.

There's an English, Swedish and Spanish language version - i've transcribed the English version below. I hope you enjoy playing - it's a great simple one for beginners :) 


E          E       E        F        F          G-G-G
Can you hear the drums Fernando?

E      E-E-F        F    G-G
I remember long ago

F-F-E         E-D        D       C    C
Another starry night like this...


F     F     F-G-G     A-A-A
In the firelight Fernando

F         F            F-G        G      A-A
You were humming to yourself

G        G-F         F - E           E        D-D
And softly strumming your guitar

G      G      G       A       A-B       B
I could hear the distant drums

A             A        G     G-F     F
And sounds of bugle calls

E              E-D       D    C-C
Were coming from afar


E            E        E - F      F       G-G-G
They were closer now Fernando

E             E-E     F-F     G-G
Every hour every minute

F              E     E      D-D-C-C
Seemed to last eternally...


F    F    F    G-G     A-A-A
I was so afraid Fernando

F         F         F           G     G    A   A
We were young and full of life

G         G      F    F     E - E     D    D
And none of us prepared to die

G       G      G        A-A      B     B
And I'm not ashamed to say

A       A     G     G        F        F-E
The roar of guns and cannons

E - D          D       C     C
Almost made me cry...


^C        ^C      ^C-^C
There was something

^C ^C   B    G      F
In the air that night

^C       B        G          F
The stars were bright

B - A - G


^C      ^C    ^C-^C     ^C
They were shining there

^C     B     G     F
For you and me

^C   B-G-F    B-A-G
For liberty, Fernando


E                E       E-E        E
Though we never thought

E         F        G        A
That we could lose

E              F     E-E-D
There's no regret...


^C ^C ^C  ^C ^C   ^C     B      G-F
If   I   had   to  do   the  same  again

^C     B      G        F         E-D-C
I would, my friend, Fernando

^C ^C ^C  ^C ^C   ^C     B      G-F
If   I   had   to  do   the  same  again

^C    B      G        F           E-D-C
I would, my friend, Fernando


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