America – West Side Story

Difficulty: Hard

Can't be played on piccolo

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From the musical 'West Side Story', a famous song everyone knows :)

A real challenge to play, I'm yet to master this one! Good luck :)


G  G  G ^C ^C ^C-A-F-C
I like to be in America!

G-G  G ^C ^C ^C-^D-B-G
O.K. by me in America!

Bb-Bb-Bb ^D# ^D# ^D#-^D-Bb-F
Everythings free in America

D# D# D# G# G# G#-G-^E-C
For a small fee in America!


E   A   G   E-A   G    E     E-C
I like the city of San Juan.

E    A     G  ^C      A     G    B   B-A
I know a boat you can get on.

A   -   ^D    ^C   A-^D  ^C   A    A - F
Hundreds of flowers in full bloom.

A    -  ^D    ^C ^F-^D ^C    B     B-G
Hundreds of people in each room!


G-G-G-^C  ^C ^C-A-E-C
Automobile in America,

G - G - G      ^C ^C ^C-^D-B-G
Chromium steel in America,

Bb-Bb-Bb    ^D# ^D# ^D#-^D-Bb-F
Wire-spoke wheel in America,

D#-D# D# G# G# G#-G-^E-^C
Very big deal in America!

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