I’ve Got No Strings – Pinocchio (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A fun tune to play from Pinocchio - "I've Got No Strings" is a very bouncy song, it jumps up and down all over the place! It looks challenging at first, however the melody is quite simple so shouldn't take a beginner long to master :)


Bb      B   ^D     G
I've got no strings

B       D     D       D
To hold me down

B       D       D     D
To make me fret,

B        G       A       B
Or make me frown

B   ^D    G
I had strings

B         D     D     D
But now I'm free

B           D      D        E     F#    G
There are no strings on me!


B - B     A    G-F#-E
Hi-ho the me-ri-o

B         ^C   ^B-A    G   F#   E
That's the only way to go

A     A      G     F#     E       D
I want the world to know

B-^C        A-G     F#-E      D
Nothing ever worries me!


E       B    ^D     G
I've got no strings

B   D   D    D
So I have fun

B      D     D    D    B   G-A-B
I'm not tied up to anyone

B             ^D         G
They've got strings

B        D     D     D
But you can see

B            D     D       E      F#    G
There are no strings on me!


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