Lonely This Christmas – Mud

Difficulty: Medium

Can't be played on piccolo

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This popular Elvis-influenced song was the British 1974 Christmas number 1 and has remained popular over time. It has been covered by James Memphis King, KT Tunstall and Blue, but was never actually sung by Elvis himself :) 


G      E    D-D-C
Try to imagine

C      A         A       F    E    D
A house that's not a home

D          G   E     D-D-C
Then try to imagine

C       A  -  ^C      A    ^C-AG
A Christmas all alone...


^C          ^D    ^D   ^C
That's where I'll be

^C        ^D   ^E   ^C
Since you left me

A       ^C      ^C      ^E     ^C    ^D
My tears could melt the snow

^C       ^D ^E ^C   ^D-^D    ^C
What can I do without you?

A       ^C   ^C     B     ^E   ^D   ^C  ^D
I've got no place, no place to go...


^C-^D ^C ^E-^E  ^D   ^D - ^C
It'll be lonely this Christmas

A  -  A       ^C  ^E   ^E-D
Without you to hold

^C-^D ^C ^E-^E  ^D   ^D - ^C
It ll be lonely this Christmas

A - ^C   ^E    ^E-^D
Lonely and cold


^C-^D  ^C  ^G ^E-D ^E-^D-^C
It'll be cold, so cold  ~

G  -  A       ^C   ^E   ^E-D
Without you to hold

^F       ^E-^D-^C
This Christmas.

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