Once in Royal David’s City – Traditional

Difficulty: Hard

Can be played on piccolo

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Originally a poem written in 1848, this popular Christian Christmas carol is a nice challenge for beginners on any musical instrument :)


F#      A Bb-Bb  BbA-Bb-^C ^C-Bb
Once in  royal  Davids   city,

Bb      D ^F#-^D ^D-^C-Bb-A Bb
Stood a lowly   cattle   shed,

F#        A  Bb-Bb  BbA  Bb-^C ^C-Bb
Where a mother laid her Baby,

Bb ^D ^F#-^D ^D-^C-BbA Bb
In a manger for His bed.


^G-^G ^F# Bb  ^F#-^F#  ^D
Mary was that mother mild,

^G-^G    ^F#   ^D  ^D-^C-BbA Bb
Jesus Christ, her little   ~   Child.

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