Your Woman – White Town

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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A 90's British Pop classic from one-hit-wonder White Town, with one of the catchiest trumpet riffs that you'll recognise instantly! (I didn't realise it came from another song!) It hit the top 10 globally and was notable for being a song sung by a male, but written from a female's perspective.

It's great fun to play and whilst the overall melody is quite simple, it has a bunch of little nuances to make it a bit of a challenge - enjoy!


(Intro melody)
G-D Bb-G D
Bb-G D Bb-G D


G       A    G
Just tell me

A              G      Bb  ^C   G   F   G
What you've got to say to me

G          G        A-G      A    G    Bb
I've been waiting for so long

^C     G     F      G
To hear the truth


F        A      G    A    G-Bb
It comes as no surprise

G    G    F     G
At all you see

F      A   G       A      G   Bb  ^C
So cut the crap and tell me

^D    ^D-^C     G
That we're through...


F       E        F      F#        G
Now I know your heart,

Bb     A     G       D
I know your mind

F          E       F-F#    G
You don't even know

Bb              A         G-D
You're being unkind


A        A       G    A    G
So much for all your

Bb - ^C          G - F        G
Highbrow Marxist ways

F        A     G    A
Just use me up

G        Bb    ^C   ^D   ^D-^C-G
And then you walk away ~

^D    ^C    Bb     ^C    Bb   ^D   G
Boy, you can't play me that way


Bb    G    ^C#    ^C    Bb  ^C  ^C  Bb
Well I guess what you say is true

G     F      G - F    G    F
I could never be the

^C#    ^C   Bb  ^C ^C  Bb
Right kind of girl for you

G     F     G - F    G    A      Bb-Bb
I could never be your woman

^C Bb ^C-Bb ^C  ^D    Bb-G
I could never be your woman

D    D       F-E     F     F#      G-G
I could never be your woman

^D-^C Bb  ^C-Bb  ^C  ^D    Bb-G
I  ~      could never be your woman...


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