The Wonder of You – Elvis Presley

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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"The Wonder of You" was originally written by Baker Knight and first released by Ray Peterson in 1959. It was recorded and released by many other artists before Elvis Presley released his version in 1970.

It's a well-known and easy to play song, I hope you enjoy the letter notes :)


G            G - G       G      F#      E-F#-G      G
When no-one else can understand me

A            A - A - A     A  A  G     F#
When everything I do is wrong

B        B     B      B      B      B-^D-B-B
You give me love and consolation

^C   ^C   ^C  ^C    B     A-B  ^C
You give me hope to carry on


B         ^C      ^D - G      G
And you're always there

G   ^D   G    G
To lend a hand

G   ^E-^E-^D   ^C-^D   B
In   everything    I   ~     do

^C       ^D    ^E-^C
That's the wonder

D       B - A     B     G
The wonder of you


G          G        G      G
And when you smile

F#        E      F#    G - G
The world is brighter

A         A        A      A       G    F#   G   A
You touch my hand and I'm a king

B           B      B    B    B     B    ^D    B - B
Your love for me is worth a fortune

^C      ^C   ^C  ^C   B    A-B-^C
Your love for me is everything...


B      B     ^C   ^D-^E    G
I'll guess I'll never know

G     ^D-^E    G
The reason why

G      ^E   ^E  ^D  ^C-^D    B
You love me like you   ~   do

^C       ^D   ^E-^D-^E-^D-^C
That's the wonder   ~      ~

D       B - A       B    G
The wonder of you


B      B    ^C   ^D-^E    G
I'll guess I'll never know

G       ^D-G     G
The reason why

G      ^E  ^E   ^D  ^C-^D   B
You love me like you   ~  do

^C      ^D    ^E-^D-^E-^D-^C
That's the wonder    ~       ~

^D   ^D-^E  ^F#  ^G
The wonder of you.....


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