Zombie – The Cranberries

Can be played on piccolo

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A wonderfully powerful song from "The Cranberries" which hit number 1 across Europe! Another catchy one, it's been in my head for dayyyys :D Also, check out the cover by Breed 77, very cool :)


^E-^D-B   B-^D  ^C    B-G
Another head hangs lowly

^C      B   A - G    A - F#
Child is slowly taken

^E     ^D - B       B-^D    ^C      B-G
The violence caused such silence

^C       B     A     G-A-F#
Who are we mistaken...


A       B      A    A    B      A     A     B   ^C   A-B-^C
But you see it's not me, it's not my family

^C   B      G-E  ^C     B       G      ^C   ^C    ^D-B
In  your head, in your head they are fighting

A           B         A         A        B          A
With their tanks and their bombs

A          B          A          A        B         A
And their bombs, and their guns

^C    B     G-E   ^C    B       G      ^C   ^C  ^D-B
In  your head, in your head they are crying...


B    B    ^C-A    B  ^D    ^C-^D-^C-A
In your head, in your  head  ~

A-B-G      A-B-G    A-B-B^D B^D B^D
Zombie, zombie, zombie,   eh,     eh

F#          F#  F#     G-E    F#  A    G-A-G-E
What's in your head, in your head

E-F#-D   E-F#-D  E-F#-F# A   F#A F#A F#A   EG
Zombie, zombie, zombie,   eh,    eh,    eh,  oh

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