Endless Love – Lionel Richie

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Lionel Richie has performed "Endless Love" with Diana Ross and Shania Twain, there is also a popular cover sung by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross.

A lovely tune to play, whichever version you know - they are both fairly similar, I hope you enjoy practicing with the letter notes below :)


E        E
My love

E             F-G     G    F   E   G-F
There's only you in my life

D     D-D     D         E          E
The only thing that's right

G        F       E
My first love

E              F-G        G     F   E G-F
You're every breath I take

D            D-D      D   G     E
You're every step I make


C   A
And I

B   ^C  ^D    G
I want to share

G   ^D ^D-^C-B  ^C    A
All my love  ~     with you

B   ^C  ^D  ^C-B  A-G
No one else will do...


C        ^C      A
And your eyes

B          B   ^C   ^D  ^D     ^E   ^E-^D-^C
They tell me how much you care  ~

^D-^C-B   B-A
Oh     ~        yes

A      ^C    B-^C  ^C
You will always be

^C  ^C - A    ^C
My endless love


E            E
Two hearts

E          F          G       G    F-E   G-F
Two hearts that beat as one

D         D        D      D      E - E
Our lives have just begun

E         G-F-E
And forever

E       F      G       G      F    E     G-F
I'll hold you close in my arms

D    D     D-D     G           E
I can't resist your charms


C    A
And I

B    ^C   ^D    G
I'd play the fool

G ^D-^C-B    B  ^C-A
For you   ~     I'm sure

B       ^C  ^D  ^C    B-A-G
You know I don't mind


^C     A
And yes

B      ^C     ^D     ^D   ^E   ^E-^D ^C
You mean the world to me    ~

^D  ^C  ^C     B    ^C   ^C
I know I've found in you

^C   ^C-^C   ^C
My endless love


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