Halo – Beyonce

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Released in 2009 by Beyonce, "Halo" is a modern power ballad with elements of gospel and soul music, which shot to the top of the charts around the world.

A lovely melody to practice with, with a bunch of random super high notes thrown in for a challenge later on. I hope you enjoy the letter notes!

Did you know?! There was speculation that "Halo" was originally written with Leona Lewis in mind as the performer! It's also been covered by Florence + The Machine and the Glee cast.


F-^D-^D       ^D   ^D  ^C  ^D#
Remember those walls I built

F   ^C-^C   ^C    ^C-^D-Bb    Bb-G
Well baby, they're tumbling down

F     Bb   Bb-Bb  Bb-Bb  Bb  Bb  A  ^C-Bb
And  they  didn't  even  put  up  a  fight

F      Bb-Bb   Bb-Bb   Bb   D#  D#-D
They  didn't  even  make  a  sound...


F   ^D   ^D   ^D  ^D  ^D  ^C   ^D#-^C-Bb
I   found   a   way   to   let   you   in   ~

^C Bb  ^C-Bb  ^C-Bb  ^D  Bb   Bb-G
But   I   never   really   had   a   doubt

Bb-Bb   Bb  Bb   Bb   Bb  Bb   ^C-Bb-^F-^D
Standing in the light of your halo    ~      ~

F  Bb  Bb  Bb-^C  ^C-Bb
I  got  my    angel     now...


Bb  ^F  ^F   ^F    ^F-^G-^G-^F
It's like I've been awakened

^D-^D  ^F ^F  ^F    ^F    ^Bb-^Bb-^G
Every  rule  I  had,  you're  breaking

^D  ^D  ^F   ^F  ^D  ^C-Bb-G
It's the risk that I'm taking  ~

^D  ^D#  ^F-^F  ^F-^F   ^F   ^A    ^Bb-*C-*D
I   ain't   never   gonna   shut   you   out  ~


Bb-Bb-Bb      Bb   Bb-Bb   ^C
Everywhere I'm looking now

Bb    Bb-Bb-^C  ^C  ^D    Bb-Bb-G
I'm surrounded by your embrace

Bb-Bb Bb  Bb  Bb   Bb    Bb-F-D#-D
Baby,   I   can   see   your   halo   ~

F           Bb     Bb      Bb    Bb-A     Bb
You know you're my saving grace


F          Bb-Bb-Bb   Bb   Bb   Bb   ^C
You're everything I need and more

Bb   ^C-Bb  ^C  ^D-^C   Bb   Bb-A-G
It's  written  all  over   your   face   ~

Bb-Bb  Bb  Bb   Bb    Bb     Bb-F-D#-D
Baby,   I   can   feel   your   halo   ~    ~

Bb    Bb    Bb    Bb    A-Bb
Pray it won't fade away


Bb  Bb  Bb   ^C   ^D-^C  ^D-^C  ^D-^C
I   can   feel   your   halo,   halo,   halo

Bb  Bb  Bb   ^C   ^D-^C  ^D-^C  ^D#-^D-^C
I   can   see   your   halo,    halo,    halo.....

Bb Bb  Bb   ^C   ^D-^C  ^D-^C  ^D-^C
I   can   feel   your   halo,   halo,   halo

Bb  Bb  Bb    ^C   ^D-^C  ^D-^C  ^C-Bb
I   can    see   your   halo,   halo,   halo


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