Only You – Flying Pickets

Difficulty: Easy

Can be played on piccolo

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This a-cappella styled song was a Christmas #1 in 1982 for the British band the Flying Pickets, although it was originally written by Vince Clarke whilst he was still a member of Depeche Mode, although he ended up performing it with Alison Moyet as Kazoo .

The letter notes below are perfect piece for beginners and is good for flute, piccolo, piano, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and more :)


B  -  B          B     B    ^C-B      A-G
Looking from a window above

G     G   G  F#-G  F#  E
It's like a story of love

^C     B     B-^C-B       A
Can you hear     ~      me?


B             B      B-B   ^C-B-A-G
Came back only yesterday

G - G       F#- G    F#-E
Moving further away

^C         B     B-^C-B        A
Won't you hear     ~     me?


^C ^C ^C-^C   B   ^C     B     A      A
All I needed was the love you gave

B    B   B - B     A    B-A-G     G
All I needed for another day

E    ^C   B  A-G    A
And all I ever knew

B - A    G
Only you!


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