Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Topping the British and American charts, was an instant global sucess and makes a great practice piece for beginners on most instruments :)

Did you know?! "Wish You Were Here" has been covered by many musicians including Limp Bizkit, Rasputina, Alpha Blondy, Europe, Ed Sheerian, Susan Boyle, Shakespears Sister and Avenged Sevenfold.



^C    B     ^C      B    G     A-F#-D
So you think you can tell   ~

^D - ^C   ^D    ^E^D
Heaven from hell

^E    ^E-^D   B    ^D
Blue skies from pain?


^C      B   ^C    B    G      A-F#-D
Can you tell a green field  ~

^D    ^D   ^D    B    ^C-B-G
From a cold steel rail?

B   ^D      ^C     B    ^C
A smile from a veil?

^C     B     ^C       B      G      G
Do you think you can tell?


^C     ^C     B    ^C   ^D  ^D   ^E-^D-^C-G
And did they get you to trade  ~

^E     ^E-^D    B    ^D-^C-A
Your heroes for ghosts?

^D    ^D-B  ^D   ^E-^D
Hot ashes for trees?

^E    ^E  ^D B  ^D-B  ^D
Hot air for a cool breeze?


^E-D   ^D-B      G     A-D
Cold comfort for change?

^D   ^D    B-^C-B-G
Did you exchange

G   ^D  ^C   ^C    B   G   ^C
A walk on part in the war

G     G   ^C   ^C   B  G  ^C-B-G
For a lead role in a cage?


^C     B  ^C-B-G
How I wish...

^C     B   ^C     B      G      A-F#-D
How I wish you were here

B         ^D  ^E-^D  ^E   ^E
We're just two lost souls

^E - ^D     ^E ^D ^E ^E-^D-B
Swimming in a fish - bowl

^D    ^D-B   ^D
Year after year


^D - ^C   ^D-B   A    ^D    ^D    ^D
Running over the same old ground

^C     ^D   ^C   ^D-^C-B-G
And how we found

B       ^D     B    ^C-B-G
The same old fears

^C       ^C      B     ^C-B-G
Wish you were here...

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