For Good – Wicked

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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"For Good" is from the 2003 hit musical Wicked and was written by the composer Stephen Schwartz. It is a farewell song performed as a duet by the main characters Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (the Good Witch of the South) as a farewell.

Quite a low tune, which sounds good played an octave up too. I hope you enjoy playing :)


D        E       G    .A
I've heard it said

.A         .A-.G       .G      E-E    .G     E
That people come into our lives

E    G    G-.G
For a reason

.A - .G         .G  -  C        C       D        D
Bringing something we must learn


D       E     G     .A   .A   .A
And we are led to those

.G         .G     E      E     .G      E
Who help us most to grow

F    E    D     C
If we let them

.A      C      E        D      D    C-D
And we help them in return


C        E     G       G      A
Well, I don't know if

C    E - E      D        C
I believe that's true

C     C    C     D     D    C   D   D#-D#
But I know I'm who I am today

.A - C      D#     F     F
Because I knew you


D      F    G-G       G          G      G-C
Like a comet pulled from orbit

C   D    E-D     C    .G
As it passes the sun

C       E       G        G        G      G      G-C
Like a stream that meets a boulder

C  -  D            D          E      D-C
Halfway through the wood

E          G      A    G   E      C            F
Who can say if I've been changed

F        E     D-C
For the better

C       .B - C     G     G      C
But because I knew you

C     G     C             E          D       C
I have been changed for good


D    E      G    .A
It well may be

.A        .A    .G    .G-E      E      .G-E
That we will never meet again

E     G      G-.A
In this lifetime

.A    .A   .G   .G      C - C    D    D
So, let me say before we part:

D      E     G   .A
So much of me

.A     .A    .G    .G    E       E            .G      E
Is made of what I learned from you

F          E      D     C
You'll be with me

.A     C     E - D         D    C      D
Like a handprint on my heart


C         E        G-G-A       C
And now whatever way

E         E - D      C
Our stories end

C     C     D       D       C-D-D#     D#
I know you have rewritten mine

.Bb   C-D#    F      F
By being my friend


D       F    G      G          G      G     G - C
Like a ship blown from its mooring

C   D    E      D    C    .G
By a wind off the sea

C      E     G           G        G   G   E-D   C
Like a seed dropped by a sky bird

C   D    D-E    D-C
In a distant wood


E         G    A     G   E-D      C       F
Who can say if I've been changed

F       E      D-C
For the better

C         .B - C    G     G      C
But because I knew you...

.B - C     G     G        C
Because I knew you...

C   G      C            E           D       C
I have been changed for good



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