We Know The Way – Moana (Disney)

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Can be played on piccolo

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I've been loving the vibe of the songs in Moana! "We Know The Way" is the song where Moana learns about the historic sea-faring ways of her ancestors and is a lovey tune!

They play the tune twice, I've worked out the notes to the English part (made it much easier for me =D) - however you can reuse the melody for the first part too =) I hope you enjoy playing it, it sounded lovely on the flute!


^E     ^E     ^E    A       A     A   ^E
We read the wind and the sky

^E       ^E    ^E    A   A
When the sun is high!

^E    ^E   ^E     A      A    A    ^E
We sail the length of the sea

^E   ^E   ^E-A      A
On the ocean breeze!


^D   ^D   ^C      B     A-A     ^E
At night we name every star

^C#   ^D     ^C#     B    A
We know where we are!

^C#   ^D   ^C   ^E  ^E
We know who we are,

^C# ^E ^E-^C#
Who we are!


^D-^D ^E-^F#
Aue, aue!

^E   ^E ^C# ^C#  A   A
We set a course to find

B      B    ^C# ^D-^C#
A brand new island

B - A - E     ^F#   ^E-^C#
Everywhere we row!


^D-^D ^E-^F#
Aue, aue!

^E    ^E   ^C#  ^C#-^C# ^C# A A
We keep our island in our mind

B           B    ^C#   ^D   ^C#  B    E
And when it’s time to find home

E           E      ^E    ^E
We know the way!


^D-^D ^E-^F#
Aue, aue!

^D   ^D   ^D-^D-A     A-E      E-A     A
We are explorers reading every sign

B      B      A      B-A     B    A     B-A
We tell the stories of our elders

B    A    B-^C#    B-A    B-F#
In the never ending chain...


^D-^D ^E-^F#
Aue, aue!

^E ^C#-^C#  ^C#  ^C#-A-A
Te     fenua,      te       mālie

B     B-^C#   ^D-^C#-B-E
Nā heko hakilia

E         E        B    B-A
We know the way!


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