Where You Are – Moana (Disney)

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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I've really fallen in love with the intro song to Moana - "Where You Are" has such a lovely rhythm and melody to it, so i really wanted to work out the letter notes :)


C-A-F      ^C      ^F   ^C    ^F-^C
Moana, make way, make way!

^C-^C-^C ^D ^F  ^D  ^C
Moana, it's time you knew

^C  ^C-^C  ^D  ^F-^D^C ^D
The village of Motunui is

A   ^C    A-G
All you need!


^C   ^C-^C   ^D  ^F-^D-^C
The dancers are practising

^C    ^C-^C ^C ^D  ^C-A     F
They dance to an ancient song

A             A     G   ^C     A
Who needs a new song?

G         F       G       A    G      F
This old one's all we need!


^D  ^D-^F-^G ^F ^F ^D-^C
This tradition is our mission

^C    Bb-A-G        A     Bb  ^C  Bb   A
And Moana, there's so much to do

A            A     A   ^C   A-G   F
Don't trip on the taro root

G           A   ^C    A-G
That's all you need!


^C    ^C    ^D-^C-^C   ^D   ^F
We share everything we make

^C    ^C   ^C   ^C     ^C    ^E   ^F-^D
We joke and we weave our baskets

^C   ^C-^C-^D      ^C     A       F      G      A
The fishermen come back from the sea

C  F-^C   A
I wanna see...


D          F        G-A
Don't walk away

A-A-A       G     A    ^C      A        G
Moana, stay on the ground now

A         A-A       G       A    ^C    A
Our people will need a chief

G       A        A     A-G-F
And there you are....


D            F       G      A
There comes a day

A               A         A-G       A       ^C-A
When you're gonna look around

A       A-A-G    A-^C-A   ^C
And realise happiness is

^F         ^F     ^F-^E-^F
Where you are...


^C-^C-^C ^D ^F-^D-^C
Consider the coconut

A-^C-^D ^C ^F
Consider its tree

^C   ^C   ^C   ^C  ^D  ^C-A-F
Use each part of the coconut

G           A   ^C   A-G
That's all we need!


G          A       G      A     ^C    A   ^D-^C
We make our nets from the fibres

G        A-A    G     A     ^C-^C
The water is sweet inside

G        A    G        A    ^C   A   ^D-^C
We use the leaves to build fires

G        A      A    G      A        G-F
We cook up the meat inside


^C-^C-^C ^D ^F-^D-^C
Consider the coconuts

A        ^C      ^D     ^C     ^F
The trunks and the leaves

^F   ^F-^F   ^F   ^C   ^C  ^D    ^C
The island gives us what we need

C       F    ^C      A
And no one leaves...


F               F        G     A
That's right, we stay

A              A       A     G         A      ^C-A-G
We're safe and we're well provided

F            A       G     A     A   ^C   A-^C
And when we look to the future

A            A      A-G-F
There you are....


D         F    G-A
You'll be okay

G      A        G        A     A   ^C   A  G
In time you'll learn just as I did

F           A      G        A-^C-A   ^C
You must find happiness right

^F ^F ^F-^E-^F
Where you are...


^C   A  G     A       A      G      A-F
I like to dance with the water

A          A-G-A       A      G        A
The undertow and the waves

A        A-G    A      A-G-F         A
The water is mischievous, ha!

A   A     A   A       A-G-F
I like how it misbehaves


^D   ^C-^C    A        A      G    A-G
The village may think I'm crazy

F       A    G    D    C   ^C   A
Or say that I drift too far

D          F      F        C          C    ^C     A
But once you know what you like

F            C     ^C    A-G-F
Well there you are...


D        F     D        F - G        A - F
You are your father's daughter

F - C - F               G          A
Stubbornness and pride

^D       ^C    Bb     A     A       G-A-G
Mind what he says but remember

D        F        F     F      F      ^C-A
You may hear a voice inside


C       F    C       F         F       G     A-^C
And if the voice starts to whisper

D      F - F    D     F - A     ^C
To follow the farthest star

D-F-C        C      C    ^C-A   G
Moana, that voice inside is

C       ^C    A-G-A
Who you are...


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