Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Difficulty: Medium

Can be played on piccolo

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Released originally in 1969 by Neil Diamond, "Sweet Caroline" has also been covered by other musicians including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dave Matthews Band, DJ Ötzi and of course, the Glee cast!

A great practice piece for beginners across all instruments, happy practice :)


^E     ^F  ^G-^G
Where it began

^D ^E ^F-^F ^F  ^E-^D
I can't begin to knowing

^C   ^D  ^E  ^E
But then I know

^E    ^D-^C      G
It's growing strong...


^E   ^F  ^G   ^G
Was in the spring

^D         ^E      ^F-^F    ^F    ^E-^D
Then spring became the summer

^C          ^D    ^E-^E
Who'd have believed

^E         ^D   ^C-G
You'd come along...


G                 A - A          A
Hands, touching hands

B  -  B         B
Reaching out

^C - ^C   ^C
Touching me

^C - ^D   ^D
Touching you...


^E           G-A-A
Sweet Caroline

A             ^F
Good times

^F-^E      ^D    ^C     G
Never seemed so good

^E   G    A - A
I'd be inclined

A     ^F-^F    ^E   ^D-^C   ^D
To believe they never would...


^C    G    F
But now I

^E    ^F  ^G  ^G
Look at the night

^D  ^E  ^F   ^F   ^F  ^E-^D
And it don't seem so lonely

^C    ^D  ^E  ^E  ^E  ^D-^C  G
We filled it up with only two...


^E     ^F  ^G  ^G
And when I hurt

^D-^E      ^F   ^F  ^F    ^E-^D
Hurting runs off my shoulders

^C    ^D  ^E  ^E  ^E    ^D-^C   ^D
How can I hurt when holding you?


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